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Hi I’m Belinda Wilson. I am a beach obsessed, yoga-loving-creative-chick, incredibly lucky to be living in one of the most beautiful places in the world – Perth, Western Australia.

Thank you for stopping by my site Mind Body Bliss! I am incredibly grateful you have taken the time to find out a bit more about me and my passion in health + wellness!



It starts about 18 months ago, where I found myself in a not so great place. I was living in the hustle and bustle of Sydney and things sort of came to a screaming halt. I had been working in a pretty high pressured job at one of Australia’s top media organisations, my beloved Nana had recently passed away, I’d endured a few stressful relationship break ups, there were some friendship shake ups and as you can imagine I was totally and utterly EXHAUSTED!!

Life just wasn’t going that easy on me. I realise now that life was screaming at me to wake up and change – I was living a life that really wasn’t for me and the way I looked at life probably wasn’t helping either!

During this time I was incredibly drained, suffering with adrenal fatigue, lethargy, anxiety, depression, eczema, psoriasis, awful digestive issues, stress and just not in very good shape. I didn’t feel like the fun loving Bel that everyone knew and loved.

I knew deep down , I needed to make a BIG change. That’s when I thought about a sea change. I had always loved Perth. Every time I had visited in the past, I fell in love with its raw beauty and the pace. Sooooo much slower! It always bought me back to my country roots. My brother and sister already lived there, so really it was a no brainer!



I decided that the time was right and I had nothing to lose. Within a few months I found myself on a plane heading to the ‘Wild West’. All I had was a suitcase with me and my car & belongings packed onto a road train heading across the Nullarbor.

Once I arrived in Perth, I decided I needed a few months off work trying to a) recover and b) figure out how to heal myself from the chronic stress I had endured & put myself through. It was during this time off I came upon a Health Coaching course through my beautiful friend Rachel. I enrolled and have never looked back!

I graduated in July 2014 at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition based in New York City. This course has not only changed my own health and outlook on life, however it’s also given me the tools to also help others see that their health is very IMPORTANT and that we should NEVER, EVER, EVER take it for granted.

Little by little over the past year I have incorporated small changes into my own life:

  • I do a lot more yoga
  • I learnt how to meditate
  • I eat loads more fruit and veges
  • Discovered I was highly allergic to eggs!
  • Stopped binge drinking + partying (and taking any sort of drugs)
  • I get into nature more
  • Dive into the ocean
  • Breathe more
  • Spend quality time with myself
  • I listen to my own inner guidance + intuition

……..and the most important I have learnt to love myself for the crazy, quirky, creative, fun chick that I am !!!

Now I am a Health Coach, I am ready to help others find their own freedom from their own constraints in health and life.

Come over and say hi to me on Facebook, Instagram _belindawilson_ or drop me a line here.

With love and health

Belinda x


The information given on the site is generalised, and not a substitute to a thorough consultation. It is not intended as medical advice.